Tracy Crow Literary Agency

It’s official!

After years of serving as a developmental editor to new writers and after recently securing publishing contracts for several clients with various publishers, Tracy has formed Tracy Crow Literary Agency, LLC.

“My academic teaching background and personal publication history as an author and editor are probably the reasons I’ve been successful in articulating to new writers what’s missing in their manuscripts and generating rejections from agents and editors,” Tracy says about her decision to finally form her own agency. “I’m sure it also doesn’t hurt that my background before academia was in sales, PR, and marketing. The right pitch capturing the potential of a manuscript certainly matters, but I have to think what matters even more is my credibility with editors who know by now I won’t endorse a manuscript until I’m certain the work is solid and a win-win for everyone.”

Tracy is interested in representing emerging writers with unique voices. She’s seeking manuscripts in memoir, nonfiction/biography, and mainstream fiction, and is especially interested in representing military-themed work and spiritually-based projects that seek to elevate our understanding of human consciousness.

Tracy invites writers to send queries via email to In the body of the email (no attachments, please, in this query stage!), include a brief bio and a brief synopsis. If you’re not familiar with the synopsis writing process, please know that this includes a full recap of the entire manuscript — not to exceed two typed pages in length! — and includes how the book concludes — that’s right, how you’ve decided to end your book. Many new writers make the mistake that the synopsis is meant to be a marketing tease. NO! The synopsis is not a marketing tease!

After reviewing your synopsis, Tracy may invite you to email a partial or full manuscript for her consideration. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as you inform Tracy that your work is being considered elsewhere, and if/when your work has been accepted for representation.

“I have been on every side of publishing,” Tracy says, “so I know what a journey this is. Often we learn more about ourselves through the journey of releasing our work into the world than we do through the actual writing process. While I can never fully explain why some books sell quickly and others take years, what I can tell you — from years of personal experience as an author and editor — is that every book meant to find its way into the world will do so in a way that often leaves its author staggering from the breathtaking blend of divine timing and circumstances.”