COOPER’S HAWK “aha” moments!

What’s YOUR Cooper’s Hawk magical or aha moment? We’d love to know! Email to Tracy (, and we’ll share your aha moment with your fellow readers!

“The day after I finished the book, a coyote ran alongside my car on the INTERSTATE. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I heard Willis in my head, saying, “What does this mean?” I took note of the direction the coyote ran off toward—south—and pulled over to Google. The message was spot-on. The coyote is a trickster, and I have a woman in my life who has just scammed a whole bunch of us. I wanted to believe she was telling the truth. And south—my childhood. Yep. Brought me back to the first painful time I was tricked by a so-called friend. Willis is right! The answers are right there in front of us all the time if we’ll just WAKE UP!” ~MB

“After reading this, I found I could talk to my PTSD husband without anger — almost effortlessly now too. And it’s been weeks! Wow!” ~ET

“My mom passed away a few months before reading this. I’m glad I was able to read this from the comfort of my own home because I’d have been crying my eyes out in public. So grateful for the messages here. I feel so much better now!” ~KH

“I know this is just a book, but this is so much more than just a book!” ~AT

“Take my word for it — for someone who’s roamed the halls of a VA hospital, as a patient and as an employee, this book nails it. Wake up, Everyone!” ~AM

“The book prompted me to find my own answers about so many things. I kept Google searching about cardinal directions, wanting to know what Willis knows.” ~TC

“Willis is a force! I spend my days now asking the questions, What does this mean? and What am I missing?” ~JH

“My gut feeling is that no two readers will have the same reading experience of this, and that their own reading experiences will vary and even morph over time as the book works its magic on their lives. I’m speaking from personal experience, of course!” ~NK

“Some will read this as just another story. Others will be tremendously affected—some during the reading and others, like me, in the days, weeks, and months that follow their reading.” ~PT

“I set the book down for a few days to digest the reading. But on the way out of the gym, I did a triple-take when I spotted a coffee cup with the name Cooper’s Hawk, lying in the trash can. I was the only guy in the gym taking photos of the trash can. I get the hint! I”ll be finishing this book tonight—my mind is blowing up with awareness of synchronicity now. Makes me wonder how much I’ve already walked past in my life.” ~JH

“I’m so in love with Willis and Phoebe’s relationship! I’ll never forget, Accept your gifts.” ~MLB

“So much brilliance throughout, starting with the multiple interpretations of the title.” ~LT

“I got to the end and thought, What?! What?! No! I had to read the last several pages several times and then I just lost it. Burst into tears. What an emotional release. Now I’m going back to read the whole thing over again!” ~MB

“THE most exquisite voice I’ve ever read. It’s as if the words were being recited back to me from the page.” ~JH