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*Military Times review of On Point, Dec. 17, 2015

*Q/A with blogger Deborah Kalb, November 2015

*Salisbury Post article about forthcoming book signing, Sept. 20, 2015

*Blog piece for writer Kathleen M. Rogers, Sept. 2, 2015

*Q/A with writer/writing practitioner, Erika Dreifus, Aug. 31, 2015



*Review of Red, White, & True in the Tampa Bay Times.Crow-RedWhiteTrue_high_res

*The making of Red, White, & True: an interview with blogger/author Kathleen M. Rodgers



Media kit for Tracy’s memoir, Eyes Right!

Review of EYES RIGHT in the Tampa Bay Times

*Review of Eyes Right in the Tampa Bay Times.

*Florida Book Awards/Eyes Right wins bronze…article in the Tampa Bay Times.

*Tampa Bay Times article: “What’s author Tracy Crow reading?”

*Listen here to the radio interview between Tracy and  Paul Harris.

*Listen here to the KMSU radio interview.

*Huffington Post/AOL coverage of Eyes Right.

*Daily Mail news article regarding Eyes Right.

*Washington Independent Review of Books Q&A with Annette Gendler.

*R.kv.r.y. Quarterly Journal interview regarding Eyes Right with editor Mary Akers.