Tracy Crow Literary Agency, LLC

Tracy Crow Literary Agency, LLC is a full-service boutique agency interested in developing emerging writers with unique voices in the genres of mainstream and literary fiction, narrative nonfiction to include biography and memoir with a special interest in military memoir by women veterans, and spiritually-based projects that seek to elevate our understanding of human consciousness.


To ensure the strictest compliance with ethical standards of literary representation, this agency does not charge reading or submission fees. On occasion, Tracy may serve as a developmental editor to beginning writers, such as those who attend her military writing workshops around the country; however, Tracy does not offer fee-based editing services to her literary clients or to writers seeking literary representation, nor does she provide referrals to outside editing services.

Tracy invites writers to query her via Query Manager:

“I have been on every side of publishing,” Tracy says, “so I know what a journey this is. Often we learn more about ourselves through the journey of releasing our work into the world than we do through the actual writing process. While I can never fully explain why some books sell quickly and others take years, what I can tell you — from years of personal experience as an author and editor — is that every book meant to find its way into the world will do so in a way that often leaves its author staggering from the breathtaking blend of divine timing and circumstances.”