Tracy, co-author, complete new book project for University of Nebraska Press/Potomac Books

Tracy and co-author Jerri Bell, a retired lieutenant commander who is managing editor of the military literary journal, O-Dark-Thirty, recently completed the first popular history/anthology book project that documents women’s military service to America.

The book, It’s My Country Too: Women’s Military Stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan, will be released in March from the University of Nebraska Press in hardcover and with images. For more than a year, Tracy and Jerri searched through archives for the most revealing excerpts of women’s diaries, journals, military depositions, Congressional testimonies, media interviews, oral histories, and published and unpublished memoirs.

“This book is a game-changer,” Tracy recently shared with students at Saint Leo University. “For too long, women’s military contributions to this country have been discounted, called insignificant, and nothing more than a footnote. No more. This book is going to open a lot of eyes, and we hope a lot of minds. It’s about time.”

It’s My Country Too will be Tracy’s fifth release since 2011, and her fourth book with the University of Nebraska Press since 2012.