Tracy teams up with DfS, Women Marines for 2nd women vets/families writing event

Thanks to the enormous success of the March 5 writing workshop for women veterans and women family members, Tracy will team up again Oct. 1 with Dress for Success Triangle and the Women Marines Association/NC-3 Semper Fi Chapter.

Tracy, center and seated, with the March 5 inaugural class.

This time, the free daylong event will be divided between an introductory morning session for new women writers and an afternoon advanced session for returning writers of the March 5 inaugural workshop.

For new writers, the “Owning & Writing the Military Story of Your Life” introductory event will be held 8:30 a.m. to noon in Raleigh (actual location TBD). Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Tracy’s new breakthrough writing text, On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story. Afterward, morning session attendees will be treated to a free lunch with the returning writers of the March 5 inaugural class.

The afternoon advanced session for the returning inaugural class of writers will be held  1:30-4:30.

Tracy, co-author, complete new book project for University of Nebraska Press/Potomac Books

Tracy and co-author Jerri Bell, a retired lieutenant commander who is managing editor of the military literary journal, O-Dark-Thirty, recently completed the first popular history/anthology book project that documents women’s military service to America.

The book, It’s My Country Too: Women’s Military Stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan, will be released in March from the University of Nebraska Press in hardcover and with images. For more than a year, Tracy and Jerri searched through archives for the most revealing excerpts of women’s diaries, journals, military depositions, Congressional testimonies, media interviews, oral histories, and published and unpublished memoirs.

“This book is a game-changer,” Tracy recently shared with students at Saint Leo University. “For too long, women’s military contributions to this country have been discounted, called insignificant, and nothing more than a footnote. No more. This book is going to open a lot of eyes, and we hope a lot of minds. It’s about time.”

It’s My Country Too will be Tracy’s fifth release since 2011, and her fourth book with the University of Nebraska Press since 2012.

VETRACON2016: Tracy to speak April 15 at Ft. Bragg

12495144_832490643529538_6887231395771310789_n(2)VETRACON2016, a free two-day event for active duty soldiers, veterans, families, and retirees, will be held April 15-16 at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Noted speakers from various fields of expertise will share their insights about how to make an easier transition from military experience to civilian employment.

Tracy will speak April 15.

“You have a story…a story that matters!” ~ Tracy Crow

More than thirty women veterans and military family members gathered for Tracy’s one-day exploratory workshop, “Owning and Writing the Story of Your Military Life,” March 5 in Raleigh. Dress for Success Triangle and the Semper Fi Chapter of the Women Marines Association co-sponsored the event.

The 2016 inaugural class with their signed copies of Tracy’s breakthrough text, On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story.

Tracy teams up with Dress for Success Triangle and Women Marines Assoc. to teach one-day event

FullSizeRender (1)Dress for Success Triangle and the North Carolina-3 “Semper Fi” Chapter of the Women Marines Association invite all women active duty and veterans, as well as all women military family members, to a free writing workshop and seminar, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, March 5 in Raleigh with award-winning military author and former writing professor Tracy Crow.

Space is limited. Please register no later than March 2 by calling Dress for Success Triangle at (919) 286-2128.

Check-in will begin at 9 a.m., and includes a doughnut-coffee social. Tracy’s seminar starts at 10. Lunch and a signed copy of Tracy’s new breakthrough text, On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story will also be provided, courtesy of Dress for Success Triangle.

Military Times reviews ON POINT

“The guide is primarily for beginners and includes creative exercises that show how the pain of editing is just weakness leaving your body of literary work.”

Yes! We couldn’t agree more!

Nothing like a positive review from Military Times to end this week on an even more positive note! To read the full Military Times review of On Point, and of many other newly released military titles, follow this link.