Tracy & fellow women Marines collect toys, attend USMC’s 240th birthday celebration

Marines of the NC-3 “Semper Fi” Chapter.

Tracy (third from left) and Marines of the NC-3 “Semper Fi” chapter of the Women Marines Association, celebrate the 240th birthday of the Marine Corps Nov. 14 in Greensboro, N.C. The chapter, of which Tracy is president, donated toys for disabled children of Marines.

Tracy & husband Mark Weidemaier.





Right: Tracy and husband Mark Weidemaier attend the Marine Corps birthday ball Nov. 14 in Greensboro, N.C.

After Marine Corps friend’s suicide: Why Tracy wrote ON POINT

September is Suicide Prevention Month.

She hasn’t talked about it much, except with close Marine Corps friends. But in the preface of On Point, Tracy reveals the darker motivation that compelled her to develop a writing guide for veterans and their families: the violent suicide of a Marine friend who had been a Beirut veteran.

The details of her friend’s suicide are too disturbing, even today, to discuss publicly, and she wouldn’t out of respect for her friend’s family. But in a piece she wrote for the blog of award-winning novelist, Kathleen M. Rodgers, Tracy explains how the Marine’s suicide rattled her into action.

You can read that piece here.